1. Use block supplied to compress the extractor, making sure the block doesn’t interfere with the barrel locking ledge as shown in image. 
2. Once fully compressed, use a toothpick to remove the cylindrical ejector retaining disk (shown in image with hole in centre). This disc is about 3mm deep and has a bevelled edge on the top surface. Please note, care must be taken to ensure the domed side of the disc is facing out during reassembly. The disc will require a little 'jiggle' to remove.
3. See image, disc being removed. Please note, constant pressure to the ejector spring must be applied during this process.
4. Once extractor retaining disc is removed, slowly release the pressure as shown in image.
CAUTION: Ejector springs are under a pre-loaded tension. Take care when removing.
There are four components;
  1. The extractor retaining disc
  2. The extractor (removed in the picture below, this just slides forwards)
  3. Extractor spring plunger
  4. Extractor spring itself (This is the item we are replacing)
5. Simply, remove the plunger and spring. Replace the extractor spring with replacement supplied, applying a generous amount of grease found in your kit and reassemble. Take care to note, the extractor retaining disc has a flat side and a bevelled side. The bevelled edge must face outwards.
Duplicate the operation for the other extractor.